Outdoor AR Menu Systems

In-Situ 3D Model Menu for Outdoors

We present a design and implementation of an in-situation menu system for loading and visualising 3D models in a physical world context. The menu system uses 3D objects as menu items, and the whole menu is placed within the context of the augmented environment. The use of 3D objects supports the visualisation and placement of 3D models into the augmented world. The menu system employs techniques for the placement of 3D models in two relative coordinate systems: head relative and world relative.

Web 2.0 Meets Wearable Augmented Reality

This project explores how a wearable computer with an augmented reality interface can provide real time contextual interactions, based on location aware Web 2.0 social network information. We investigate the use of wearable computer Augmented Reality (AR) technology to visualize Web 2.0 information and to allow elegant hands free interactions to communicate with people in adhoc social networking groups. We implement a walk-in menu to interact with the elements of the interface. Walk-in menu system allows the user to walk onto each menu item in order to activate it.