Virtual Worlds Impacting Real Worlds

A Projector-Based Method for the Arrangement of Real World Objects

Jessica Anne Tsimeris


Spatial Augmented Reality (SAR) involves integrating computer-generated images into a user’s real world environment.

Using the SAR system developed within the Wearable Computer Lab, this research will allow a user to manipulate a virtual version of an object in some software and have the SAR system instruct on how the manipulation can be carried out on the corresponding real world object.

Thus, a 2D environment will be developed to allow the user to perform simple manipulations upon objects such as move and rotate. Changes to objects in this environment will then be communicated to the SAR system, for which a plugin will be developed to instruct the user, with the use of projectors, how to move the corresponding real world object to its changed position.

Such a scenario may be helpful in the task of arranging large objects.