Welcome to the web site of the Wearable Computer Lab. We are located at the School of Computer and Information Science at the University of South Australia. The university campus is situated to the north of Adelaide in Mawson Lakes, South Australia, Australia. Our GPS Coordinates are approximately S-34.81075,E138.61975
The Wearable Computer Lab performs research in a number of areas, mostly wearable computers, augmented reality, and virtual reality. Our lab was started in 1998 and since then has grown into being a major contributor to the research in the department, with a number of research staff, postgraduate students, and undergraduate students. The Wearable Computer Lab is directed by Professor Bruce H. Thomas.

Over the years we have developed a number of ground breaking research projects. In 1998 we began the Tinmith mobile augmented reality project, which has now developed into a 3D modelling system that a user can take outdoors to create and interact with objects and buildings. The same hardware platform was then used to implement a modified version of Quake to allow players to fight virtual monsters while mobile outdoors in ARQuake. For truly wearable applications, we have also performed research into the embedding of electronic devices into textiles and clothing for next generation E-Suits. We perform a variety of research into AR, VR, 3D, and UI areas – see the projects page for more information.

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