Augmented Viewport

Augmented Viewport

We implement the Augmented Viewport concept, a technique for manipulating objects located at a distance for outdoor augmented reality using wearable computers. Augmented viewport is inspired by the virtual viewport window that has been widely used in virtual reality systems. The technique shows a virtual windows, floating in front of the user, showing a viewpoint from a distant location (as pictured below). The technique uses physical cameras, which are placed at a distant location or which can zoom closer to a distant location, to provide the physical world information for the viewport window.

The augmented viewport window

The view through the wearable computer without the viewport

The viewport window shows the virtual blue boxes which are located at a distance

Through the viewport window, the user can perform selection and transformations, such as moving, rotating, and scaling, to distant virtual objects as if they are located close to the user. A study is conducted in which many users trialled the technique. It is proven to enhance the precision in transformation task. By bringing the distance closer to to user, the technique reduces time and effort in interacting with virtual objects outdoors.