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Intel using WCL’s SAR System for Augmented Reality in Manufacturing

Intel has been using the WCL’s spatrial augmented reality (SAR) framework to explore it’s application to maintenance in manufacturing plants.


“Intel’s pace of innovation is ferocious and our semiconductor manufacturing equipment is complex, so technicians rarely get a chance to stay experts for long before new technology changes the equipment. Much like any manufacturing business, our engineers are constantly improving the process and updating the maintenance procedures to reflect the latest information. Rapid adoption of these changes is critical. Intel IT is using projected Augmented Reality to bring these changes directly into the tools where technicians are doing the work. This reduces the training time required for a new procedure, allowing our experts to ramp faster. Watch this video to see how Intel IT is currently utilizing Projected Augmented Reality and plans for the future.”

Projected Augmented Reality: Keeping Pace with Innovation

Demonstration at Intel TechFest in Portland